Tuesday 28 July 2009

Yet more pseudo art

"May the Emporor guide my round"

Saturday 25 July 2009

Friday 24 July 2009

A piece of of inspirational Art I made for when the grey and black ranks ov plastic are getting me down.

Thursday 23 July 2009

Bloodbane chapter background

Here is some background for my Bloodbane legion of space marines, one of the missing legions. This is a completed version.

History of the Bloodbane chapter

Alium Destrus is one of the Primarchs who was expunged from all Imperial records along with his legion. During the Horus heresy he and his loyal warriors fought heroically against their treacherous brethren. After the heresy Alium had his Tech-adepts and bio-magi work night and day trying to find a way to return the Emperor to his pre-heresy glory.

After many decades they found a way to do this, they discovered that a huge psycic outcry could cause the rejuvenation of the God-Emperor and even boost his phycic abilities such that he could maintain the Astronomican single handedly. Such a huge outcry would require billions of people to create, so Alium explained his plan to the Ecclesiarchy. But the recently appointed lords of Terra did not want the Emperor back, they wished to rule in his stead so they declared Alium and his chapter heretical.

The Bloodbane chapter found itself beset on all sides by zealous new second founding chapters, eager to prove themselves in the fires of battle. Unable to defeat such an outnumbering foe the Bloodbane fled to the group of stars known as the wings of Sanguinis. The chapter was duly expunged from imperial records and the wings of Sanguinis were classified as dangerous and inhabited by the hyper-violent Barghesi making them an ‘avoid at all costs’ area for starship captains.

Since then the Bloodbane chapter has carved out a small empire for themselves, but they still strive tirelessly towards restoring the Emperor as leader of mankind. After a few generations the high lords of Terra became ignorant of the Bloodbane's existence, only the space marines of the Iron Lords chapter who guard the Grendl stars, as they are now known, are aware of the Bloodbane. The Bloodbane today have their work cut out fending off hive fleet Kraken and controlling their own empire, but still they send companies out to Imperial words to support planetary govornors who are under attack, where ancient oath or decency demand it.

Wednesday 22 July 2009


This is a blog where I will display my various work in art, miniatures, writing, wargaming rules and whatever else may happen to pop into my head or out of my hands. You may have reached this page via my website (which is not up and running as I type but I hope will be soon), DakkaDakka, or general surfing. Whichever way you got here I hope what you see encourages you to stay and I hope to be posting finished products within the week.